Welcome world to on the fringe. The UK’S no.1 guide to Fringe theatre in the UK.

We are here to celebrate the experimental, the daring, the performances that move you at the embryotic stage of their theatre journey, to bring awareness to the general public and theatre goers alike, to help pack that pub theatre, the small for hire space under the arch or you community theatre to the rafters.

How do we help get the word out.

With a network of 15 event websites a mailing list of nearly 100,000 thousand people from a across the country our fingers, are firmly on the pulse of what’s happening.

Theatre tells the stories of our lives the raw unfiltered truths. We learn about others and ourselves through the writing and the performances here at Onthefringe we believe everybody should have access to that. Which is why we are a part of a ticket discount scheme thegoldenticketclub.co.uk that offer discounts which benefit certain groups of people — such as the elderly, those with disabilities or those whom have had to tighten the purse strings.

Offering 2 4 1 or up to 60% off dining and other delights nobody will ever have to miss out again.

We are here to inform you, to entertain you and to encourage you to get out and a be a part of the story

Partner websites

www.nowonstage.co.uk, theitchyfeetguide, boredomtherapy, eatthetrend, thisislime.net, afridiziak, thegoldenticketclub, seelondon., seemanchester, seebirmingham, seecoventry, seeleeds, seesheffield, seeliverpool, theasianwomensnetwork

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