Come on, babe

Why don’t we paint the town?

Who says that partying is not an art?

Ladies and gentlemen and all those in between, are you ready to razzle dazzle? Let’s pick up the pace, lets make the parties wilder, let’s make the skirts shorter! Join the gin drinkers and the man eaters in this dissolute, decadent, debauched celebration. Put on your dancing shoes and your best fedora. Put on that little sequin dress and come indulge in some good old fashioned jazz hands. All hail the starlets and the sinners, the bootleggers and the gangsters: Club Fatale is coming to town!

It’s just a noisy hall

Where there’s a nightly brawl

Club Fatale is a party featuring circus, live music and hip shaking, feet tapping and toe stomping beats.

It’s a neo-noir, art deco, jazz-pop, post-modern retelling of a bygone world.

A Hollywood Fairytale brought to life.

An iconic mashup of your favourite showtime stories, a remix of your favourite gangster movies, an elegant facade covering the seedy underbelly of a town that chews people up and spits them out.

Set in the beautiful old theatre that is the Clapham Grand, Club Fatale is a show stopping spectacular club-night. Throughout the evening, our razzle dazzle virtuoso performers will take to the stage to tell their story whilst you drink, dance, and boogie to your feet’s content. So come groove along with us, Club Fatale graces the fair city of London for one night only!

At Club Fatale, we have circus performers ready to defy the rules… of human ability. We have dancers rolling those stockings down. We have a choice selection of the finest DJs and musicians this side of the windy city.

So come along and slick your hair.

Wear your buckle shoes and your finest hat.

Come on down and witness a night so splendiferous you’ll be flim flam flummox’ed!

Dress code:

Well we all know that diamonds are a girls best friend…. but here’s some other inspiration to accompany them.

Flapper chic or Fishnet hot. Are you a good girl or are you a man eater? Are you Starstruck Sally, or Stardom Stella?

Wear your best high heels or your best pinstripe suit. Bring on the fedora hats, the gangsters ties, the tight leather, the black lace and the bowties. If it sparkles, wear it, if it’s red or white or black, WE LOVE IT. Bring on anything that shimmers or glimmers, put on your best hat and your brightest feathers!

Oh the glamour of fame and stardom… Can you taste it?

Life is so much sweeter when your name’s on everybody’s lips!

Fri, 19th Apr 2019  22:30 – 3:00
Tickets from £15.00 – £22.50
The Grand 21 – 25 Saint John’s Hill SW11 1TT

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