By Patrick Marmion

Directed by Oscar Pearce

13 February – 9 March

A South African gunrunner turned Buddhist monk.
A gullible startup millionaire.
His radical feminist ex wife.
Their aid worker daughter.
The young British Muslim she met in Syria.
An ethical Serbian hitman.
And an unstable Brazilian cleaner.

Modern Britain. Moral chaos. Total nightmare.

Playwright Patrick Marmion says,

‘I wanted to write a comedy about the head-spinning madness and recrimination of life in modern Britain. I thought Molière might help so I eviscerated him and threw in a supernatural con man inspired Euripides’s Dionysus. Keith? is what emerged. I hope it goes some way to capturing the way we’re all walking on eggshells, terrified of giving offence, suspicious of anyone who crosses our path and panic stricken ourselves lest we be exposed for some unknown indiscretion or thought crime. Luckily life isn’t nearly as bad as we’re supposed to think it is.’

Post-show events
Jeannie’s Theatre Conversations | Thursday 28 February: a post-show Q&A with the cast and creative team, chaired by Jeannie Farr. Free entry.

“★★★★ Amid the mayhem and nicely sardonic humour, Patrick Marmion proves to be an equal opportunities offender as just about everybody gets it in the neck… Under Oscar Pearce’s assured direction of a fine cast Keith? jogs along apace and it’s a jolly entertainment with a stand-out performance from Joseph Millson.”

The Daily Mail
“★★★★ Patrick Marmion’s quickfire writing comes off fast and clever … director Oscar Pearce has drawn the very best from this cast. ”
The Arts Desk
“A darkly funny romp”
“Gloriously silly reworking of Moliere”
Ham and High
“A masterclass in comic acting”
“Razor-sharp lines, utterly topical themes, incredibly funny delivery – you can’t really ask for more from contemporary comedy. Keith? is the most acute and factual lampoon of our times you can find at the moment out there”
“It leaves the modern audience roaring with laughter.”

The National Student
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24 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL, United Kingdom


Mar 08 2019 - Mar 10 2019


12:00 am - 12:00 am
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